Friday, November 12, 2010

Purrs Monthsary...

I won't write of my paperback-hero come true.
I will write of truth...I will write of you.

I will write of your eyes, and your blind sense of sight,
when you tell me I'm lovely when my acne's a fright.

I will write of your smile and your forgiving laugh,
when I'm being a clown with a joke for the daft.

I will write of your touch and the comfort it brings,
when I'm driving your car,
when the typing just stings.

I will write of your honesty coated with grins,
when my dress is too short and my legs are untrimmed.

I will write of your patience and how it amazes,
the stubborn old me still covered with excuses.

I will write of your love and how its taken so long,
for that silly old Frisbee to help us along.

I will write of the tears, of the laughter, the fights,
that you choose to forfeit when I can't see the light.

I will write of our need to figure out a song,
'cuz Oasis ain't cheesy and Kreviazuk's long gone...

I will write of you, of us tonight...
of the many months,, and years and lifetime's in sight.

I will write of more, this won't be the last tonight...