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Monday, June 27, 2011


No, I am not turning gay over some girl named Jane.

For the past 3 months, I have been going on a Jane Austen craze all thanks to a dear dear friend who loaned me her mother's copies of Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park and Emma. Hence my un-updated blog. :-)

Here are some mental notes I have made while traveling through the renaissance period in my pajamas.

1. I would have been considered dreadfully attractive THEN. Yes, contrary to what those magazines and TV shows have been making you believe in, there was actually a time in history when it was pretty to be plump! Hahaha! Take that Olsens!

This explains why Gwyneth Paltrow shouldn't have played the part of Emma, hahaha

2. However due to my lack of social connections, want of finances and inability to play the piano-forte, I would still be considered ineligible and would therefore shrivel up to a decent old age before I die of pneumonia or tuberculosis.

3. I would have found it impossible in this present day and age to find enough house-help to do the laundry. All those empire-cut gowns with crinolines and bustles would have been a chore.

4. I should be thankful for the fact that I don't have to write this blog or any other printed article under a false name or wait until after I die to have it published posthumously.

5. It's sad to realize that some people can never experience the thrill of awaiting a letter or the intimacy of hand, ink and paper. I vow to write more letters today.

6. I should be so lucky to have the luxury of airplanes, jeepneys, taxis, tricycles and more comfortable shoes. You can never see too much of the world.

7. I should probably stack up on classic literature just in case my future children turn out to be as bookish as I am. There's no use filling a library with outdated issues of Cosmo for your grandchildren to appreciate.

8. Knights in shining armor don't have to come in Brad Pitt packages. Just so you know, Darcy was rich and pleasant but not handsome, Mr. Knightley was 16 years older than Emma, and Fanny Price married her cousin (though this I don't really recommend to any of you).

How about you?

What's your favorite Jane Austen insight?