Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Place among the Young

Where laughter sweeps like summer breeze through fields of sun

Where innocence speaks light of things our eyes have set upon

Where bliss is measured by the simple joys of play and fun

Lies unreserved…magnificent…

A place among the young.

Where reverence for nature’s gifts sheds wonder left untamed

Where beauty scores in knowing how to be free yet still sane

Where friendship springs in having someone different yet the same

Dwells joyfully remembered,

A place we once had claim.

If only laughter came, in pocketfuls reserved

For empty days that fill the gaps our adult lives have earned

If only we had time to spare to listen to the sound,

Of a young wish, a silent prayer,

The innocence around…

Then we would look to see the world,

Behind the children’s eyes,

A world of stark simplicity, of wondrous beauty in disguise

We’d then awake and realize that deep inside remains

That peaceful place among the young,

unblemished and unchanged…

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