Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Only Words

It may only be normal for me to be plagued by shallow musings sometimes.
Yes, I can't always be as enlightened and inspired, and for that I owe nobody an apology.

The following are everyday words, everyday signs... 
but I am a Filipino who likes reading between the lines... 

You know you are a Filipino when you love using "Z" instead of "S" or "K" instead of "C", in an effort to be "unique" of course. :-)
Filipino jeepneys are freedom boards waiting to be welded together...if you see what I mean.

An air-conditioned jeepney in the middle of a crowded street in Manila. Ingenuity at its best!

This restaurant has several
"golden" branches, make way for the golden toothpick and the golden tissue!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, this label says it all.

This resto would have looked really wholesome, if it wasn't in Malate. hahaha

The Filipino palette does not discriminate against things that would have been inedible in other countries, or perverted in some (see first word).

No wonder many people are still hooked! Charlie Sheen cured their brain as well!

This makes for the perfect ending to every meal. 

The world doesn't have to be a sad scary place, there is humor in everything!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Views by the backseat...

 I don't have an SLR camera, not yet.  Hence, the hazy pictures. But I wouldn't trade these shots for anything else in the world. Somehow there's just something endearingly imperfect about them. Views from the backseat are supposed to be hazy and hurried anyway. Life happens to be just as hazy and hurried sometimes. 

Yet, if we choose to look at it closely, a moment of wonder unfolds right before our very eyes. 
Like the medley of light and shadows...
or a still collection of sunlight amidst the trees...
a split second dance between dusk and light by the roadside..
an ethereal view of the world.
like the wide open spaces that somehow look within reach...
or the fiery hues that make way for the stars...

For all we know, life may simply be a collection of still frames from your little spot on the backseat. So enjoy the view!