Monday, March 7, 2011

Views by the backseat...

 I don't have an SLR camera, not yet.  Hence, the hazy pictures. But I wouldn't trade these shots for anything else in the world. Somehow there's just something endearingly imperfect about them. Views from the backseat are supposed to be hazy and hurried anyway. Life happens to be just as hazy and hurried sometimes. 

Yet, if we choose to look at it closely, a moment of wonder unfolds right before our very eyes. 
Like the medley of light and shadows...
or a still collection of sunlight amidst the trees...
a split second dance between dusk and light by the roadside..
an ethereal view of the world.
like the wide open spaces that somehow look within reach...
or the fiery hues that make way for the stars...

For all we know, life may simply be a collection of still frames from your little spot on the backseat. So enjoy the view!


  1. awww :) soulful. very you.

  2. Thanks tinay! you're so supportive, so you :-)

  3. Writer, photographer, videographer! Grabe! :D

  4. youre in a vehicle moving when you shot this right?

  5. Hi air! Yes, I took those shots on a road trip to Laguna, :-)

  6. Ammmiiiih! yes dear, my attempts at multi-tasking hahaha :-)

  7. hi! you're talented. you take good pictures! keep it coming.

    btw, new follower here.


  8. Hi Claire! Welcome to my blog, I'm so glad you like it! Keep visiting! :-)