Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New-Age Definitions

What is Love? here's a pessimistic, moronic view of the freak accident we refer to as "love"

this is "love" re-defined....

boyfriend - a guy with an open heart and an empty wallet who consistently gets manipulated "into swiping his card" (note to the dirty-minded: words in " " are open to other forms of interpretation)

girlfriend- the soon-to-be EX of your current eye-candy

girlfriend- your current arm-candy who retains her position so long as nobody better comes along

date- wat you feel compelled to do when the rest of your friends are married

- an end you work for by dropping obvious hints and wrong-sent messages, and yes, very encouraging Facebook posts that ummmm don't really get noticed in the first place

cool-off - the subtle break-up

friend- what she/he would rather be in your life

confused- the phase he goes into before he renounces his masculinity and decides to wear Boa feathers and a tiara

insecure- the adjective you use to refer to a partner who is always jealous to save you from the guilt of knowing there's equal justification for his/her jealous state

"the talk"- an out-of-nowhere response that tells you its the end of your attached life and the beginning of singledom!

me- the reason they give to make you believe its not "you" ( though ofcourse it is you and your stinking breath, your unshaven legs, your manic-depressive episodes)

feel free to add!

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